Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless fire alarm system, With early detection of alarm conditions, simple alarm process, automatic notification to fire alarm sites and evacuation of surrounding personnel, etc. Effectively solve the problems of early detection, early warning and early extinguishment of fire accidents in resident, shops, homestays, and rental houses, as well as the difficulties in fire supervision and management in small places.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

With the development of IOT technology, wireless fire alarm system came into reality. As the top manufacturer of wireless fire alarm system, our wireless fire alarm system supports Android and IOS as alternative, with the help of no fire app, you can easily monitor the fire and deal with it immediately. Minimize property damage and protect lives at the same time.

Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarm System

1. Less Mess and Money to Install

2. Greater Flexibility

3. Relocation of the Alarm is Easy

4. More Protections

5. Reliability

Wireless Fire Alarm System for Sale

Wireless Fire Alarm System

The wireless fire alarm system communicates the fire information detected by the detection equipment to the fire controller through the wireless communication protocol, and the controller transmits the fire information to the user, and links other alarm and fire extinguishing equipment to remind other personnel to escape in time.

Working principle of wireless fire alarm system

When a fire occurs, the detection equipment sends a fire signal to the control equipment within 5 seconds, and a strong sound alarm is issued at the same time. The control equipment (mainly wireless fire control controllers) immediately and continuously makes calls and sends messages for remote alarming, conveying information to users, etc. At the same time, the controller sends out voice prompts for the specific fire location.

Application of wireless fire detection and alarm system

Our wireless automatic fire alarm system is mainly used for early warning and auxiliary fire fighting work. The wireless automatic fire alarm system does not need wiring installation, and can flexibly form a fire safety network. It can be used in residential places and densely populated nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, It is widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, warehouses and ancient buildings.

Wireless fire alarm system custom service

As reliable fire alarm supplier, we can provide one-stop wireless fire alarm system tailore solution according to the needs of fire prevention. The composition of wireless fire alarm system mainly includes detection equipment, control equipment and other auxiliary equipment. Detection equipment includes wireless smoke detectors, wireless temperature detectors, wireless gas detectors, flame detectors, etc., Control equipment includes wireless fire controllers, large and small networking platforms, etc., Auxiliary equipment includes wireless sound and light alarms, wireless Manual alarm buttons, repeaters, etc. According to the on-site situation, we will configure on the basis of the standard scheme, and appropriately add or replace related equipment.


Wireless Fire Alarm System

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