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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
TNA Project-Middle East 2.71MB 633 2022-03-16 Download
Tanda_Catalogue.pdf 17.01MB 911 2021-10-08 Download
TX3130 Wireless Smoke Detector User Manual_V1.0.pdf 193.33KB 252 2023-04-27 Download
TX3141 Wireless Manual Call Point User Manual_V1.0.pdf 969.59KB 175 2023-04-27 Download
UNICV Case 1.85MB 202 2022-03-16 Download
TX7200_Addressable Input Module_Installation and Operation Manual_ V1.2.pdf 508.09KB 357 2023-04-27 Download
TX7130_Conventional Reflective Beam Detector_Installation and Operation Manual_ V1.5.pdf 582.46KB 292 2023-04-27 Download
DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE DoP No. 2831-CPR-F2790 289.4KB 134 2023-04-27 Download

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