TANDA Development Pte. Ltd provides a comprehensive and integrated fire protection solution to our clients.

The products mainly cover fire alarm and linkage control system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system, fire door monitoring system, fire broadcasting system, fire telephone system, fire protection equipment power monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system, combustible gas detection alarm system, household fire safety system, etc.

Fire alarm equipment is required for emporiums, schools, hospitals, old buildings, residential and other buildings, and public places. We can provide all relevant services and support. Hope that TANDA's products can protect your safety. If you have any questions about fire alarm equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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Email: info@tandatech.com

Address: 217 Kallang Bahru, Singapore 339347

Country/Region: Singapore

Headquarters: Singapore

Dubai / China / India / Thailand / Mongolia / UAE / Saudi Arabia / Qatar

Southeast Asia:
Indonesia / Philippines / Malaysia / Thailand / Vietnam

Britain / Spain and some Eastern European countries

South America:
Brazil / Argentina / Paraguay / Uruguay / etc

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