Gas Extinguishing System

Gas extinguishing system is mainly used in the environment that is not suitable for setting water fire extinguishing system and other fire extinguishing systems, such as computer room, important library archives, mobile communication base station, UPS room, battery room and general diesel generator room.

Gas Extinguishing System

Our gas fire extinguishing system is a modern intelligent automatic fire extinguishing device including gas fire extinguishing, automatic control and fire detection. Gas extinguishing system uses heptafluoropropane as gas fire extinguishing agent, and features advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, and good environmental protection. 

Advantages of Gas Extinguishing System

1. Economical and high fire extinguishing efficiency

2. Clean and environmentally friendly, with good cleanliness

3. Good electrical insulationa

4. Suitable for people work places and harmless to the human body

Applications of Gas Fire Extinguishing System

1. Electrical fire

2. Solid surface fire

3. Liquid fire

4. Gas fires that can cut off the gas source before extinguishing the fire

Gas Extinguishing System for Sale

Gas Extinguishing System
Gas Extinguishing System

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