Intelligent Fire Alarm System

Intelligent fire alarm system also known as smart addressable fire alarm system. Intelligent fire alarm systems are designed for flexibility through custom programming specific to each application. Common smart fire alarm system products including Fire Alarm Control Panel, Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Call Point and other products. Accurate and intelligent to ensure fire safety.

Intelligent Fire Alarm System

Compare with conventional system, intelligent addressable fire alarm systems are far more complex and incorporate far more facilities, intelligent fire alarm system can help prevent the occurrence of false alarms. All of our TX7 series intelligent fire alarm systems are LPCB approved and CPR certified.

Intelligent Fire Alarm System

The most important type of information conveyed by intelligent addressable fire alarm system is the location of fires in buildings. Firefighters know the exact location of a fire in a building before they even get to it, allowing them to respond to the fire more quickly. An intelligent fire alarm control panel, on the other hand, gives each detector a uniquely identifiable address, which becomes an area in itself, but much smaller, so when a fire is detected, the main fire alarm control panel tells you exactly which the device is shutting down to point out exactly where to find the event (Pointed or Focused Zoning). This sharp division is very useful in the case of large complex buildings or areas.

Configuration of intelligent fire alarm system

The intelligent fire alarm system consists of hardware and software. The hardware part mainly includes fire triggering device, fire alarm device, linkage output device and other fire emergency devices. The software part belongs to the hardware management terminal.

The working principle of intelligent fire alarm system

When a fire occurs, fire detectors, fire alarm devices, smoke detectors, etc,. will convert the heat and smoke generated by combustion into electrical signals, then transmitted to the hardware management terminal. Remind people to take effective measures to extinguish the initial fire, greatly reduce the loss caused by the fire, and ensure the safety of life and property to an extremely limited extent. At the same time, the system terminal will also mark the location and event record of the fire, reminding daily inspection and maintenance.

Factors to consider when choosing fire alarm system

The key to choosing the right fire alarm system is to look beyond the initial cost when evaluating the lifetime value of the system.
False Positives: False positives are always an important consideration, false positives can easily waste cost, time and effort. Addressable fire alarm devices are always monitored by the fire alarm control panel, preventing false alarms from occurring. The sensitivity of the sensors in the addressable fire alarm device can also be adjusted.
Safety Considerations: Addressable intelligent fire alarm systems offer a higher level of fire safety as they allow firefighters to respond faster and more effectively by pinpointing the exact location of a fire in a building.
Reliability: Addressable intelligent fire alarm systems are generally more reliable than conventional fire alarm systems, mainly due to how the different systems are wired. For addressable systems, both ends of the wire are connected to the control panel. So if one end is damaged or disconnected, the signal can still go through the other end of the loop to the intelligent fire alarm control panel. In an intelligent addressable fire alarm system, a device can be removed or disabled without affecting other devices in the loop.
Scalability: Intelligent addressable fire alarm systems offer great flexibility. Because they require fewer wires, addressable fire alarm control panels can accommodate more than a conventional fire alarm system.
Life cycle cost: Troubleshooting and maintenance are easier and less expensive with an addressable fire alarm system. Addressable devices can send maintenance alerts and fault signals to intelligent fire alarm control panels so that problematic devices can be located faster and repaired or replaced.

Professional intelligent fire alarm system supplier

Intelligent addressable fire alarm system is also very flexible. This allows for a greater degree of customization based on the application. As a professional supplier of intelligent fire alarm systems in China, We have carried out the layout and configuration of intelligent fire alarm systems for hundreds of construction projects. We have rich project experience and excellent team of engineers in customizing intelligent fire alarm systems. Choose us as your professional intelligent fire alarm system service provider, from intelligent fire alarm design to wiring installation to subsequent maintenance, you can rest assured that we provide one-stop fire alarm services.

Intelligent Fire Alarm System

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