TX7302 Addressable Flashing Beacon Base TX7302 Addressable Flashing Beacon Base

The unit manufactured base on the requirement of EN 54 part 3, European Standard. The addressable flashing beacon base is aesthetically pleasing with unobtrusive design that will complement modern building designs and its plug-in type assembles make installation and maintenance more convenient to the installer. The addressable flashing beacon base is compatible to the TX7004 Analogue Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel, produced by single manufacture T&A, to avoid addressable communication compatibility problem.
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The TX7302 Addressable Flashing Beacon Base is an alarm warning device used to notify persons in the vicinity of the occurrence fire emergency in order the person to take appropriate measures. The addressable flashing beacon base adopt multi-application device starting from the types, parameters and wiring layout in single unit. The TX7302 addressable flashing beacon base is powered by the communication bus. The TX7302 addressable flashing beacon base can change into different encoding modes such as Single-encoding Mode, Dual-encoding Mode 1 and Dual-encoding Mode 2 using a programming tool. And it has different starting modes such as started by a detector, a controller or other front-end linkage. In addition, the alarm tone can be configured according to the requirement from 17 different tones.

Feature and Benefits

EN54-3 Compliance

• Built-in MCU processor and digital addressing

• 17 tones Programmable sound output

• Encoding modes such as Single-encoding Mode, Dual-encoding

• Mode 1 and Dual- encoding Mode 2

• Programmable Evacuate or Pre-alarm/Evacuate signal

• 8 highlights LED status cluster

• Be started directly by a detector

• Onsite adjustable parameters

• Loop power input

• Aesthetically pleasing design

• Universal mounting with fix base for simple installatio

Technical Specification

Listed : LPCB Pending

Compliance : EN54-3


Power Rating

Input Voltage : Loop Power: 24VDC [16V to 28V]

Current Consumption : Loop: Standby: ≤0.8mA, Alarm: ≤5mA



Protocol/Addressing : T&A, Value range from 1 to 254

Address Sequence : Single-encoding Mode: Alarm

Dual-encoding Mode 1:1st Alarm / 2nd Warning Dual-encoding Mode 2: 1st Warning / 2nd Alarm

Strobe Light : 8 Highlights LED


Material / Colour : ABS / White Glossy finishing

Dimension / Height : Diameter 140 mm / 59.1 (with a cover)

Weight : 194g (with a cover), 176g (without a cover)

Class : Type A, Indoors

Operating Temperature : -10°C to +50°C

Ingress Protection Rating : IP30

Humidity : 0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensing


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