Creating a safe environment without fire disaster

Creating a safe environment without fire disaster

	TANDA-A world-class fire protection products and service provider

TANDA-A world-class fire protection products and service provider

	TANDA has acquired series of product certifications including LPCB,CE etc

TANDA has acquired series of product certifications including LPCB,CE etc

Life Safety Fire Alarm Systems Provider

TNADA, a professional commercial fire alarm system company, provides the latest fire, life safety and security system technology for your business building fire protection.

We support intelligent fire alarm system, conventional fire alarm system and wireless fire alarm system for different application and budget.

You can get the first and early fire warning with our commercial fire alarm system. Our mission is “let the world have no fire and make the society safer. ”

About Us

TANDA as a world-class fire alarm system company, specializing in commercial fire alarm system design, manufacture, monitor and after-sale service. Both our traditional fire alarm system and intelligent wireless control system support OEM/ODM. You can get early fire warning and maximum protection of property and life with our fire alarm system devices.

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Hot Products

As one of reliable commercial fire alarm systems manufacturers in the fire alarm systems market, 

TANDA provides clients with one-stop service of commercial fire alarm system products including fire control panels, fire detectors, fire alarm manual call points and fire alarm sounders.

All commercial fire alarm system devices are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, our main fire alarm system products have obtained LPCB, CE certificates.

Below are the hot sale commercial fire alarm system products.


Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed to provide early warning fire detection, to quickly identify the location of fire and provide user definable text informing the occupants of the building of potential smoke spread.

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Conventional Reflective Beam Detector

The TX7130 works on the principle of reflective infrared beam obscured. Used in conjunction with a reflector, it will notify the fire alarm panel when the infrared beam is obscured by smoke. The TX7130 is ideal for use high ceiling and wide areas.

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Wireless Smoke Detector

Wireless Smoke Detector is used to detect the smoke from the fire disaster. Built in 433MHz communication chipset to connect to getway, widely used in home automation, store security and other fire safety monitoring.

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Fire Extension Telephone

Fire Extension Telephone(called the extension)is a bus communication device special for fire protection system. The extension can transmit and receive signals with a fire telephone control panel. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, office buildings, teach buildings, banks, warehouses, libraries, computer rooms and switching rooms.

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Broadcast Control Panel

The fire emergency broadcast control panel is a special system for fire communication. In the event of fire, it can make notification and evacuation fast.

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Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

The TX7008R modular construction panel, capable of supervising eight monitored detection loops.Each loop is capable to accommodate of 254 addressable devices of any combination with T&A protocols.

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Company Advantage

High Cost Performance

Headquarter in Singapore, Factory and industrial Park in Singapore and China Mainland


With range of national and international certificates, such as LPCB CE CCC and etc.

Strong Professionalism

The top manager teams focus on Fire Alarm Systems over 40 years.

Supply Guarantee

Over 50,000 SQM production base, raw materials(including chips ) bulk purchase and stock,Mass production with stable delivery

After Sales Service

Sub branch and partners all over the world which can provide local technic support, online training, onsite installation and etc


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TX7004 LPCB C1330h

TX7100 LPCB C1330b

TX7110 LPCB C1330c

TX7130 LPCB C1330a

TX7140LPCB C1330g

TX7210 LPCB C1330e

TX7230 LPCB C1330f

TX7300 LPCB C1330d

CE-7004-Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

Patent For Invention

ZL0025 Appearance Design Patent Certificate

ZL0041 Utility Model Patent Certificate

Marketing Activities

2019 Shanghai International Emergency & Fire Safety Expo

Fire India 2019

2020 Shanghai International Emergency & Fire Safety Expo

2021 China International Fire Protection Equipment Technology Conference & Exposition


Why Do You Need Conventional Fire Alarm System?

Why Do You Need Conventional Fire Alarm System?


The alarm panel happens to be more of a traditional protection system. It is a common alarm system that uses analog technology. The system is divided into zones to protect the structure. Despite advancements in technology, various conditions make conventional alarm systems an ideal option.

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Advantages of Conventional Fire Alarm System

Advantages of Conventional Fire Alarm System


Are you inquisitive about what a conventional alarm system is and why you should consider it as an option? Do not stress much as this article will give you clear details on the advantages of a conventional fire alarm system.

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How A Smart Addressable Fire Alarm Systems Do To Reduce False Alarms

How A Smart Addressable Fire Alarm Systems Do To Reduce False Alarms


All fire and smoke detection devices in an addressable fire alarm system are connected and communicate with each other as well as a central control monitoring location. The control personnel can use this interconnectivity to pinpoint the location or address where the initial detection occurred. The information allows the emergency response team to focus their efforts on the exact location of the developing problem right away.

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