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Are you looking for profitable sales opportunities? An experienced marketer and eager for success? Our company has a strong focus on the growth of our international business portfolio and sales partners.

At TANDA Development, we are partners! and we will make sure you succeed, TANDA experts provide strategic assistance to successfully market our products in your area and to provide you the support you require to certainly grow your business in a long-term perspective and as our trusted and valued partner.


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You shall have access to our comprehensive expertise and share the long-term success of our partnership. If you're in some parts of AsiaEast Europe, South Europe, and North Africa, and you have the ambitions to become a great distributor in your area, you're a great candidate for us. If your interests are piqued in our business opportunities as a partner, please email us at We are ready to assist and provide you with more information.

What can you benefit from TANDA?

Great Market Demands

Building construction is everywhere. Every building must install a mandatory life safety protection system. TANDA fire detections and alarm systems meet the specification in any local standard.

Competitive Price Products

Headquarters in Singapore and factory located in Mainland China, that has established quality procedures, policies, and quality management. Therefore, quality products with competitive prices.

Considerable Profit

Despite the pandemic, the positive market demand continues, so there is a considerable increase in sales growth.

Long-term Development

Our products are tested and certified to LPCB and CPR approval. We continue to invest financially in our products to develop our brand from a long-term perspective.

Professional Service Help

We have highly trained partners all over the world. Therefore, we offer you an online or local sales and technical support whenever you want.

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