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Enterprise Introduction

TANDA, originating in Singapore, has rapidly expanded its global presence over time. Our commitment to swift responsiveness and operational efficiency has fostered strong trust among our partners, distributors, and customers. As a result, we have successfully established branch offices worldwide, complemented by over 300 service outlets globally.

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Corporate Culture


To be a world-class fire protection products and service provider.


let the world have no fire and make the society safer.

Product Concept

easy to sell, easy to deliver and easy to maintain.

Services And Supports

The company can provide a range of services and support to customers to ensure their satisfaction and success:

Stock Service: Guaranteeing uninterrupted supply to our valued customers. With essential products readily available, we ensure prompt delivery to meet their needs efficiently and reliably.

Local Services: Professional local team is available with certified technicians to ensure proper set-up and functionality.

Training and Education: Comprehensive training programs for customers to familiarize them with the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of fire alarm systems.

Technical Support: Dedicated technical support team available 24/7 to assist customers with any inquiries, issues, or emergencies related to their fire alarm systems.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance: Guidance and support to ensure that fire alarm systems comply with local regulations, codes, and standards.

Emergency Response Planning: Collaboration with customers to develop and implement emergency response plans tailored to their specific facilities and needs.

Consultation and Design Services: Expert consultation and design services to help customers select the right fire alarm system, customize solutions, and optimize system layouts for maximum effectiveness.

Documentation and Reporting: Provision of detailed documentation, reports, and records related to system performance, testing, and compliance for audit and reporting purposes.

By offering these services and support, the company aims to provide customers with peace of mind, confidence, and assurance in the reliability and effectiveness of their fire alarm systems.

Research and Development

Product technical support

Supply Guarantee

As a global company

TANDA has located its production bases in Singapore and Mainland China,total area over 50,000sqm. Numbers of automatic SMT product lines make the annual product ability--20 million detectors and modules, 50 thousand control panels--met customers` demand.

Patent Certificate

TX7004 LPCBC1330h

TX7100 LPCBC1330b

TX7110 LPCBC1330c

TX7130 LPCBC1330a


TX7210 LPCBC1330e

TX7230 LPCBC1330f

TX7300 LPCBC1330d

CE-7004-Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

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