TANDA Development Pte. Ltd , a world-class fire alarm system solution and fire alarm system service provider, specializing in R&D.manufacturing. Marketing OEM/ODM and after-sale service of both traditional fire alarm system and intelligent wireless control system.  All fire alarm system products are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, main fire alarm products have obtained LPCB, CE certificates.


As a global fire alarm system monitoring company, TANDA has located its production bases in Singapore and Mainland China,total area over 50,000sqm. Numbers of automatic SMT product lines make the annual product ability--20 million detectors and modules, 50 thousand control panels--met customers` demand.


High Cost Performance

TANDA’s Headquarter in Singapore, Factory and industrial Park in Singapore and China Mainland, Marketing OEM/ODM and after-sale service of comprehensive fire alarm system solutions. We provide clients with one-stop service of fire protection product.


With range of national and international certificates, such as LPCB CE CCC, 146 series of fire alarm system products have obtained “China Mandatory Product Certificate”,79 invention and utility model patents, more than 50 software product registration certificates and 100 computer software copyrights.

Strong Professionalism

The top manager teams focus on Fire Alarm Systems over 40 years,which has all kinds of industry-leading R& D test equipment, such as: fire combustion laboratory, large high and low temperature alternating temperature test box, programmable constant temperature and humidity box, a full set of EMC electromagnetic compatibility test equipment, salt spray test box, AW1800 smoke temperature box, fully guarantee the fire alarm system product test and R & D projects  

Supply Guarantee

Over 50,000 SQM production base, raw materials(including chips ) bulk purchase and stock,Mass production with stable delivery,Numbers of automatic SMT product lines make the annual product ability--20 million detectors and modules, 50 thousand control panels--met customers` demand.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

We can provide customers with factory training or remote training service, Sub branch and partners all over the world which can provide local technic support, online training, onsite installation and etc. So that customer technical engineer can timely master the parameters and function of fire alarm system products, and improve the efficiency of project debugging.


With its sales network all around the world,TANDA can provide a quick response and high efficiency service locally and its surrounding area. TANDA has established branch offices globally, in location of UK, Dubai ,Malaysia, Vietnam and Mainland China,more than 100 service outlets. Meanwhile TANDA (Singapore) provide clients with one-stop service of fire alarm system products


Headquarters: Singapore

Radiation range:
UK, Dubai, China, India, Thailand, Mongolia

Southeast Asia (focus):
Indonesia / Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Vietnam

Middle East:
UAE / Saudi Arabia / attar

Britain / Spain / and some Eastern European
countries such as Poland and its surrounding areas (try to enter)

South America:
Brazil / Argentina / Paraguay / Uruguay 


TANDA is a leading fire protection integrated solution provider in China. Since its establishment, TANDA has always been customer-oriented and provides high-quality fire alarm system service for customers. With the leading technical advantages and high-quality product quality, it has cast many classic cases in the industry.

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Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire alarm control panel is a control indicating equipment that can receive, display and transmit fire alarm signal, send control signal and possess other assistant function. Fire Alarm Control Panel has the responsibility to provide stable power supply for fire

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Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

Fire alarm manual call point is a type of equipment in the fire alarm system. When fire detector can't sense the fire, people can press manual fire alarm call point

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Fire Detector

Fire detectors work by using either an ionization sensor or a photoelectric sensor. A fire detector is a device that senses smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. According to the types of information collection on the scene, our fire detector is divided into smoke detectors, temperature detectors, flame detectors, and special gas detectors.

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Fire Alarm Sounder

Fire alarm sounder is a kind of alarm signal device that can send alarm signal to people by sound or various light in emergency. The smoke alarm sounders play an important role in our daily life. Fire alarm sounders should be installed throughout the building to provide unique and continuous alarm sound distinct from background noise. It may be necessary to install additional fire alarm flashers in some noisy areas.

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