Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

Fire alarm manual call point is a type of equipment in the fire alarm system. When fire detector can't sense the fire, people can press manual fire alarm call point to send fire signal. The alarm starting condition of the manual fire alarm button is to manually press the button to start.Normally when the fire alarm button is manually reported, there is almost no possibility of false alarms.

Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

As a professional fire alarm manual call point supplier, TANDA supports different types manual call points for the fire alarm systems, including Addressable Manual Call Point, Conventional Manual Call Point,Wireless Manual Call Point and Emergency Start/Stop Call Point. There are generally three forms of reset for manual alarm call points: suction cup reset type, key reset and reset by replacing the glass. The fire alarm manual call point is widely used in public buildings, nursing homes, industrial plants, power stations, airports, railway stations, office buildings, activity centers, etc.

Advantage of Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

1. With switching function of manual state and auto state

2. Plug-type structure,easy installation and maintaining.

3. Real time to monitor the alarm system for gateway.

4. Low power consumption and long service life.

5. Full seal protection technology.

Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

Manual fire alarm buttons (commonly known as manuals) are installed in conspicuous location of public places, such as the walls of the walkways of buildings, near the service desk on the hotel floor, etc,. The manual alarm button adopts a large red all-plastic structure and are composed of two parts: the base and the button panel. The installation and disassembly of manual call point are simple and convenient, and the connection is tight. It  is convenient for engineering debugging, maintenance and replacement.

Working principle of manual call point

Manual call point is set at easy-to-reach heights and at short intervals, the person spotting the fire doesn't have to travel far to activate the call point. After people manually confirm the fire, press the plexiglass sheet on the button to send a fire alarm signal to the fire controller. After the fire controller receives the alarm signal, it displays the number or position of the alarm button and sounds an alarm.

Factors to consider when choosing a manual call point

1) Working voltage
2) Alarm current
3) Use environment
4) Encoding method
5) Dimensions


TNA Firealarm is a trusted supplier of manual call points, we offer you a full series of manual call points. We provide one-stop fire alarm system solutions for all construction application and choose the suitable manual call points for you.

Fire Alarm Manual Call Point

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