After fire is confirmed, smash glass on E-start/stop button and long press “E-start” for one second to send gas spraying request signal to gas fire-fighting control device. Gas fire-fighting control device starts sound-light alarm and turn off air conditioner fan. After delaying, start gas spraying solenoid valve. During the course of delaying, if the person at site confirms no fire or someone at site is not evacuated, press “E-stop” key to stop delaying.

Feature and Benefits

  • Electronic encoding: hand-held encoder is used for encoding and it occupies one bus address.
  • It is provided with switching function of manual and auto modes, and E-start/stop functions.


Technical Specification

Operating voltage

15 ~ 28VDC

Operation current

Monitoring:≤ 3mA 

Start:≤ 7mA

Start part type

Reuse type

Start type

Press “E-start” for 1 second manually

Stop type

Press “E-stop” for 2 seconds manually

Conversion mode

Press “conversion key” for 2 seconds manually


Start : red; when the system is in delaying start state, it is on 

Manual :  green; when the system is in manual mode, it is on

Auto :  green; when the system is in auto mode, it is on

Stop :  red; when it is in monitoring state, it is not on; when the system is in delaying start stage, press stop button and stop indicator is on; after releasing the button, it is off.

Encoding type

 Electronic encoding

Operating environment


Relative Humidity

≦95% RH, non-condensing







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