Feature and Benefits

  • Conspicuous display, long life and low power.
  • Electronic code type, hand-held electronic encoder is used to address directly. Engineering debugging is simple and reliable.

Technical Specification

Operating voltage

Loop Power:24VDC(18to28VDC) 

External PSU:24VDC(20to28VDC)

Operation current

Loop:Monitoring:≤ 0.6mA  Action≤ 5.0mA

External PSU: Monitoring:≤ 2.0mA  Action≤ 65mA

Start part type

Reuse type

Encoding type

Electronic encoding type, occupying one bus encode address. It connects with gas fire- fighting control device. Encoding range is set to be 46~50

Wiring system

It connects with bus of gas fire-fighting control device and second-line of power source, without polarity

Flash rate

30~55 times/min

Operating environment


Relative Humidity

≦95% RH, non-condensin



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