TX3202E Wireless Input Interface TX3202E Wireless Input Interface

TX3202E (LoRa) wireless input interface, is used to monitor the working state of active fire fighting equipment (such as water flow indicator and press switch, etc.) and transmit motion signals of the equipment to the controller by wireless. The built-in wireless communication component is stable and reliable and can network with a fire alarm control panel. This product is applicable to houses, hotels and apartments, etc., and is widely used in houses, “three small places”, “nine small places” to monitor fire safety.
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Techinical Specifications

​​​​​Operating voltage: DC3.0V ( two batteries, 1.5V FR14505/AA)

Operating current: Monitoring current: <40uA, Alarm current: <30mA

Wireless communication system: LoRa

Wireless communication frequency: 470-510MHz

Wireless transmitting power: < 17dBm

Maximum communication distance: 1000m in open air


Operating environment: temperature -10℃-~+55℃ , relative humidity ≤95%RH, without condensation

Color: Pearl white


Weight: about 149g (with battery)

Outline dimension: 87mm×85mm×28mm(including base)


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