TX3180E Wireless/Standalone Heat Detector TX3180E Wireless/Standalone Heat Detector

TANDA LORA Wireless fire alarm system, with early detection of alarm conditions, automatic notification to fire alarm sites and evacuation of surrounding personnel, best for small places such as residents, shops, homestays, and rental houses. This TX3180E heat detector not only detects the temperature but also detects the change in temperature. with built-in MCU and LORA chipset for excellent performance, identify fire disasters and fire forecasts.
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Techinical Specifications

Operating Voltage: DC 3.0V (2 batteries of 1.5V FR14505/AA)

Communication: Lora

Communication Frecuency: 470~510MHz

Alarm category: AR Type

Max. communication distance: Open space 1000m

Color: White

Dimension: Diameter: 100.3mm, height: 51mm (including base)

Weight: 125g (Including batteries and base)

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

Humidity: 0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensing


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