TX3190AE Wireless / Standalone Smoke Detector TX3190AE Wireless / Standalone Smoke Detector

TX3190AE wireless smoke detector consists of a smoke detector and an IoT communication unit (LoRa), which can detect a large amount of smoke generated during a fire and send out an alarm signal in time. The detector uses a single-chip microcomputer (MCU) with excellent performance. It completes the compensation for changes in external environmental parameters and fire alarm judgment through the solidified calculation program inside the single-chip microcomputer. Built-in LoRa wireless communication components, stable and reliable, can be connected to wireless gateways and are widely used in family residences, supermarkets, stores, hotels, etc. The detector has a built-in buzzer, which emits a strong sound after detection and has an infrared remote control noise reduction function.
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1. The alarm has automatic compensation function. It can automatically compensate performance drift due to external environment (temperature, dust etc.), to some extent, so as to increase reliability of the alarm.


2. The alarm has self-check function, with sound-light alarm signals.


3. The alarm has prompt functions of fault status, alarming status and battery under-voltage status.


4. Use LoRa wireless communication, and wireless coverage area is wide.


5. Low power consumption and long service life of the battery.


6. No wiring, easy arrangement, simple maintenance and low cost.

Technical Specification


DC3V (IoT communication unit: 1 lithium battery, alarm: 1 lithium battery)


Monitor<40uA, ALARM<40mA
Alarm Sound Higher than 80dB (at 3m right ahead, A-weighted)
Wireless Communication System LoRa
Protection Area


Operating Environment

Temperature -10℃ - +55℃, relative humidity ≤95%RH, without condensation

IoT communication unit: ABS (flame retardant)

Alarm: PP material, pearl white

Dimensions 111 mm, height: 69 mm (including base)
Weight About 225.6g (including the battery)



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