Feature and Benefits

  • Hardware circuit is stable and reliable, which is not affected by electromagnetic interference.
  • After metal dome is pressed, a special key shall be used to reset it manually.
  • After metal dome is pressed, manual button provides separate output contact to control other external equipment directly.
  • Plug-type structure is installed easily and reliably

Technical Specification

Operating voltage

DC24V, 12-28V

Operating current

Normal current: 0mA  

Alarm current: ≤30mA

Output capacity

Rated DC30V/0.1A passive output contact signal and contact resistance

Type of starting parts


Start type

Press metal dome manually

Reset type

A special key is used to reset it. After an alarm is sent, open key cover of manual button and insert the key to rotate by 90°to the right

Status indicator

Fire alarm indicator, red; in normal state, red indicator is off; but after alarming, it is normally on.

Wiring system

Two-wire system, without polarity

Operating environment

Indoors,  temperature  -20 ℃ ~+55  ℃ , relative humidity ≤95%RH, without condensation

Housing material and color

ABS, red


About 172g

Outline dimension

95.0mm×95.0mm×46.0mm (with base)

Mounting hole pitch




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