Types Of Innovative Fire Alarm Addressable Module

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Fire alarm modules are generally known as addressable because they are widely recognized by their ability to spot each active fire alarm field device. It provides the means of recognizing the exact place in a building where an alarm has been originally activated.

Addressable fire alarm modules have relevant advantages. They minimize the amount of fire alarm wiring needed, they have the advantage of pronouncing fire alarms beyond what is needed by the building code.

In this article, we shall guide you through the types of innovative fire alarm addressable module, and how they function.  Read on to learn more.

Types of Innovative Fire Alarm Addressable Modules

An addressable fire alarm module consists of various types. But only a few relevant types of fire alarm modules will be discussed. These includes:

1. Addressable Input and Output Module

The addressable input/output module is a fully monitored device which allows the joining of third-party equipment with the fire alarm control panel by utilising commonly open dry contact connections. They are normally used for overriding equipment such as lifts, smoke extract, fans and more.  

The addressable inputs/output modules can also control other equipment, such as smoke control systems, door holders, plant shutdown, fire dampers, air handling units, auto-dialers for the fire brigade and more.

TX7230 Isolator Module

2. Multichannel input and output module.

The multichannel input and output modules are addressable control and monitoring devices used to oversee auxiliary devices such as water flow stitches, strobes, sounders and shutters. They are easy to install and have an active output port, passive output port and input port.

Modules with numerous inputs and outputs are a preferable replacement for various single-input/output modules installed for applications such as the control of sprinkler systems, doors, elevators and fire fighting.

3. Isolator module

An isolator module enables the normal operation of the fire alarm system in multi-section fire alarm systems 24/7. When there is a problem, or a department being worked on for maintenance, this section can be isolated while leaving the remainder of the system active.

The alarm panel specifies the status of the system at all times so that any circuit isolated shows up as isolated until reactivated for normal operation.

4. Addressable zone monitoring module

The addressable zone monitoring module is designed to connect conventional detectors to addressable systems.

 It has the function of checking short or open circuits of the output connection. It features and benefit includes: Secure and speedy communication, Interface with conventional for nonaddressable unit and it is Ideal for integrating Sprinkler Zone Valve and Flow Switches

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