Features, Specifications and Application Addressable Fire Alarm Detector Base

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The addressable fire alarm detector performs real-time acquisition of on-site smoke concentration data and sends it back to a fire alarm control panel. It can also receive and execute control commands given by a fire alarm control panel.

The detector is suitable in places like industrial and civil buildings which have a large amount of smoke during fires. If you have been wondering about the specifications, applications, and features of an addressable fire alarm detector, read on and find out.

Features of an Addressable fire alarm detector

  • You can do electronic encryption and rewrite the address through the encoder on the spot.
  • Within a single-chip microcomputer, it can process the sampling data in real time, save the latest 144 historical data, and perform curve plotting for the field situation.
  • It has a compensation function due to dust, humidity and temperature accumulation and a sensor failure detection function.
  • Non-polarity two-bus connection ensures convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Designed with a top cover and a bottom cover and installed on an independent base, it can be easily installed and removed.
  • Maintenance is easy and cost-effective.
  • Built-in remote indicator output terminal, the unit's remote indicator lights up when the fire alarm is activated.

addressable fire alarm detector base

Specifications of An Addressable Fire Alarm Detector Base

  • This device improve fire detection of synthetic materials commonly used in modern buildings and improve system reliability to prevent false alarms.
  • Our addressable fire alarm detectors are designed to ensure a smooth transition to the new specification.
  • They are called addressable detectors because they can easily be connected to the fire alarm control panel and assigned an address so that the responder can more easily locate the source of the alarm.
  • The new series of addressable detectors includes photoelectric detectors, light/heat detectors, and heat detectors, as well as bases and accessories.

Applications of Addressable fire alarm detector Base

  • Addressable fire alarm detectors can be used in commercial building spaces, including offices, schools, hotels, airports, hospitals, retail stores, stadiums, and military or government installations.
  • Diverse business environments can integrate broader offerings such as remote testing capabilities in ductwork, heat detectors in furnace rooms, photo detection throughout the main building, high sensitivity for a server closet, and broader system connection.
  • It is used as restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, communication machine rooms, libraries and archives.
  • It is not suitable for locations with a large amount of entrained dust and water mist or locations where steam and/or oil mist may be generated.
  • It is also not applicable to locations with entrained smoke under normal circumstances.

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