Four Benefits of An Addressable Sounder

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The addressable sounder is an essential part of an addressable fire alarm system. It is an alarm warning device utilized to inform residents of an environment about the occurrence of a fire emergency for them to take proper measures.

The intelligent addressable sounders are perfectly installed inside a building, especially in commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. The sounders and strobe have audible and visual warnings in case of an emergency.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper to get a better understanding of the benefits of an Addressable Sounder. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of an intelligent addressable sounder

An intelligent addressable sound has its advantages. These advantages will be concisely discussed below. This includes:

1.  Fire detection

Every device that is connected to the addressable system has its unique address meaning that when a fire is detected, it pinpoints the precise location of the fire in a large building or even a complex and displays it on the panel.

 The addressable fire alarm systems have made it easier to control fire because you exactly get to know where the fire has started so you can immediately reach the site and stop it. This has helped in saving time and resources.

2. Simple installation

 While addressable systems are more expensive, they are easier and quicker to install and can save lots of lives and resources because of their quick-fire alarm signals. Addressable systems have just one major cable which loops and connects all the devices to the panel.

However, since there is just one cable in question, the addressable systems are simple to install. This also means that addressable fire alarm systems can be installed within a short period.

TX7320 Addressable Sounder

3. One or two Address mode

In every addressable sounder, there is a custom-built address for every fire alarm that makes it easy for you to identify the fire accident’s precise location and take it immediately. The fire system will either switch on water sprinklers or perform immediate actions.

However, if you need to cover a large building or commercial space, then an addressable sounder is a good choice. This alarm system will send the exact location of the fire within the building to the addressable fire panel.

4. Programmable pre-alarm/evacuate signal

In large accommodating buildings, phased evacuation is needed and this has to be pre-determined in the evacuation plan. The phase evacuation signal requires providing two fire signals, a programmable alert and a programmable evacuation signal.

An addressable sounder can conduct the voice alarm system by utilizing the programmable relay outputs. If the addressable system has bells or sounders, the addressable sounder can be programmed to ring the sounders and bells continually to announce an evacuation signal for various building areas.

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