Everything You Need To Know About Addressable Manual Call Point

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Addressable manual call points are a crucial component of any fire detection system that triggers the fire alarm system from a single location.

To ensure fire safety in your workplace, industry, factories, and many more operational places, an addressable manual call point is a must to have.

In this article, I will be sharing all the information you need to know about addressable manual call points, including what they do, their different color types, where they should be located, and much more.

What is an addressable manual call point?

This is a manually operated fire alarm addressable device whose push button switch can activate a fire warning system.

Due to this device's addressability, the system can automatically identify the location on the panel monitor's display and can also activate the proper speakers and sounds to alert people to leave certain areas while alerting others.

This device is made to withstand weather protection, allowing it to be used outdoors in areas exposed to the sun, rain, and snow.

What do addressable manual call points do?

Here are the following operations of addressable manual call points.

  • They sound the alarm to warn everyone inside of a potential fire threat.
  • They get the evacuation process going as soon as you can.
  • They sound the alarm even if the automated detection system has failed.
  • They inform the fire alarm control panel about the location of the fire (can be done manually or automatically).
  • They get the smoke management system activated as soon as possible.

Color types of the addressable manual call point

Addressable manual call points are available in three color types: red, green, and white. Their individual call point's function is denoted by their color.

White addressable manual call points

White manual call points can be used for purposes of sounding the alarm, but cannot be used to call the fire services

Red addressable manual call points

They are fire alarm activation points that can also activate sprinkler or smoke control systems, sounding the fire alarm and alerting the fire services.

Green addressable manual call points

These are used during an emergency to manually release a door while attempting to leave the building and are situated next to an exit.

How do addressable manual call points work?

The manual call point alerts the fire system's control panel that there is a fire in the vicinity of the call point when it is activated.

This will at the very least activate the fire alarm throughout the entire structure. Additionally, it should initiate the fire emergency procedures, which includes calling the fire brigade.

Where should addressable manual call points be located?

To sound the alarm without hindering the evacuation process or putting yourself in unnecessary danger, they are typically placed along the escape routes, close to the fire exits.

They could also be positioned on each floor of a building, no higher than 1.4 meters above the ground, and no farther than 30 meters inside the building. They could also be positioned in high-risk areas that are visible and easily accessible.

Are you in need of an addressable manual call point for fire safety in your houses and workplaces?

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