TANDA Attended 2021 Annual Meeting of the Electrical Branch of China Survey and Design Association

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On September 28-29, 2021, the 2021 Electrical Annual Conference hosted by the Electrical Branch of the China Survey and Design Association was grandly held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. More than 300 people from the directors of the Electrical Branch, electrical experts, designers, and building electrical manufacturers representatives from major design institutes across the country participated in the conference to discuss the development direction of the electrical industry, discuss industry hotspots and difficult issues, and promote the development and progress of industry technology. Li Hu, the marketing director of TANDA Design Institute, was invited to attend the conference and give a keynote speech.


At this annual meeting, national engineering survey and design masters, provincial survey and design masters, and electrical industry technical experts gathered to bring the latest cutting-edge technology information in the construction electrical industry. In the keynote report session, Li Hu, the marketing director of TANDA Design Institute, took "Introduction to the Practice of Integrated Fire Fighting Management and IoT Technology" as the topic, focusing on the architecture of the integrated fire control system and existing problems, upgrading from standards, a comprehensive analysis of the integration of the integrated fire protection system, the Internet of Things, and smart fire protection has been carried out, and it has also shared TANDA’s use of the Internet of Things fire control system, networked distributed broadcast telephone system, and wireless group in small and micro places. Practical experience in network systems, etc.


TANDA fire protection integrated system products adopt advanced two-bus communication technology to meet the national standard design, stable and reliable performance, easy to construct, easy to debug, and seamless connection between systems to achieve one-stop procurement. In the product display area of the annual meeting, many designers and electrical experts from the design institute stopped at the booth of TANDA to understand the technical characteristics and practical applications of the integrated fire protection system products, and conducted in-depth and detailed discussions and communications with the on-site technicians.


During the annual meeting, the China Construction Electrical Industry Youth Forum, the Fire-Resistant and Flame-retardant Wire and Cable Technology Innovation Summit Forum were also held at the same time, and the list of 2021 supplementary double-high experts & young experts was released. Through this annual meeting, communication and exchanges with representatives of the design institute have been further enhanced. As a leading provider of IoT-based fire protection integrated products and solutions, TANDA will continue to uphold the principle of “Let the world be free from fire and let The corporate mission of "a safer society", adhere to technological innovation, give full play to the advantages of technological research and development, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and escort the safety of people's lives and property.



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