TANDA was invited to attend the electric Branch of China Survey and Design Association 2020 annual Meeting

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From September 10 to 11, 2020, the electric 2020 annual Conference and National Architectural Electrical Technology Exchange Conference sponsored by the Electric Branch of China Survey and Design Association was held in Greenland International Conference Center of Shanghai Third-Grade A Port.More than 300 people, including directors of electric branch, electrical experts, designers and representatives of construction electrical manufacturers, were invited to attend the meeting.Chen Yuhong, general Manager of Zhongxiaoyun Group, Wan Yumin, director of TANDA Technology Cluster and other leaders were invited to attend the meeting as council members.The purpose of the conference is to discuss the development direction of the electrical industry, discuss the hot and difficult problems in the electrical industry, and promote the technical development and progress of the electrical industry.

This annual meeting is a regular meeting of Electrical branch and a grand meeting of technical exchange in the construction and electrical industry in Shanghai. The annual meeting brings together the most advanced technical information of the construction and electrical industry for the industry insiders.TANDA technology director Wanyuemin in the fire industry cluster of more than 10 years of development experience, technical at the meeting for GB16806 fire control linkage system architecture and the existing problems and upgrade standard direction of next generation integrated fire control system architecture, fire fighting system development for system integration of the requirements, fire control integration system in the future can be integrated with the iot wisdom fire content into the in-depth explanation, and discusses the participants chat under the norms of the industry of construction design and technical standards.

Mr. Wan mentioned that the new GB16806 fire control linkage control system itself is an object connection system, each system works independently, centralized management is achieved through the fire control system equipment control bus, and network linkage can be formed between the systems.Through the intelligent fire fighting platform, the equipment operation and maintenance, supervision and management, personnel management will be integrated to ensure the effective operation of the system, and provide the full life cycle supervision and service of each system product.And as an industry leading technology companies, fully using the 5 g, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technology research and development to launch a series of intelligent fire control products and platforms, fire linkage can be achieved the integration of "civil air defense + technology + person", effectively improve the real-time and effectiveness of fire hazard supervision, recognised by the depth of the participants.

The electric Branch of China Survey and Design Association concluded its 2020 annual meeting in a heated discussion among participants.Through this annual meeting, participants have a deeper understanding of TANDA intelligent evacuation system products.TANDA as the industry's first Internet of Things fire integrated products and solutions provider, will continue adhering to the "there is no fire in the world" of the enterprise mission, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, giving full play to the advantages of technology research and development, to provide customers with the best quality products and services, to provide society with more sense of science and technology, the intelligent fire control products, for the people of fire safety.


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