Common Detectable Input And Outputs Of An Intelligent Fire Alarm System

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Fire alarm panels which can be addressed or access addresses are most often improved compared to their typical equivalent. Hence, they are referred to as addressable fire alarm panels.

It possess a higher level of single point detection and programming flexibility. However, all these are possible as a result of the Intelligent Fire Alarm System within the fire alarm panels.

With its unique features, it has been programed to enable the fire alarm panel work effectively. This is the difference between this addressable fire alarm panels and the conventional fire alarm.

The introduction of addressable fire alarm panels began in the mid 1980s. They were made known by manufacturers amidst the microcontroller boom.

The design of intelligent fire alarm systems are done for flexibility by means of custom programming to every application specifically.

Inputs logically control loyal outputs, which is possible based on the programming matrix writing.

They have the ability to support multiple Signal Line Circuits (SLC) having every device on the SLC to be designated with a singular identity known as "Address."

Many situations have the number of device on the SLC to run from one to various hundreds, while it varies in the number of modules and detector put together.

There is a continuous communication with the control panel from each device to give a feedback on its status on the SLC, which is done via microprocessor technology.

It's only but a matter of seconds for the alarm, supervisory and trouble condition to come on, calling the attention of the control panel and then displays the exact location of the occurrence.

This speaks volume of the need to source for intelligent fire alarm system from a reliable and professional manufacturer who will be ready to give you the best products and services for your hard earned money.

Common addressable input devices (also known as initiating devices) include:

  • Flame
  • Fire alarm manual pull stations
  • Beam
  • Photoelectric
  • Heat
  • Smoke detectors
  • Pressure switches
  • Convectional control panels
  • Sprinkle water flow switch
  • Tamper switches
  • Sprinkle water flow
  • Ionization
  • Laser
  • Duct
  • Monitor modules (use for common switches such as)

intelligent fire alarm systems

Common addressable output devices include:

  • Activating other fire alarm panels
  • Solenoid release
  • Notification control modules
  • Unlock doors
  • Turning on/off fans
  • Relay modules (used to perform events such as)
  • Recalling elevators
  • Closing dampers


Advantages of intelligent fire alarm system

The point or place of fire condition is discovered and recorded at each singular device, to ro identify precisely the location of the fire occurrence. This will cause an advancement in the response time emergency responders.

Online capabilities:

New intelligent panels possess the capability/ability of giving detailed online notification of trouble/alarm/supervisory events.

Larger applications are cost efficient

The ongoing service cost is lowered, reason being that, the moment the device gets into a troubled state (i.e. requires repair, cleaning or replacement), the panel mentions the precise place that needs servicing on the device.


Disadvantages of addressable fire alarm system

Normally, when your peripheral devices (such as smoke detector, etc) have an intelligent panel (i.e. an intelligent fire alarm system), it is likely to cost more compared to the ordinary devices. Cost, not as competitively priced for smaller applications.

This panel works like a computer so issue may arise as a result of the firmware (which is the panel software). Nevertheless, this occurrence is not frequent and the benefits derived from the intelligent panel (i.e intelligent fire alarm system) exceeds whatever issues of firmware.


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