Interview Of Song Jiacheng: 5G+ Smart Fire Fighting Is The Eternal Theme Of TANDA

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At the 2021 China International Fire Protection Exhibition, TANDA takes "5G + Smart Fire Protection" as the theme of the exhibition area, bringing a series of new integrated building fire protection products and a full range of smart fire protection system solutions. The program made a stunning appearance and attracted wide attention from the exhibitors.

During the exhibition, the reporter interviewed Song Jiacheng, Chairman of TANDA.



"5G+Smart Fire Fighting" is the eternal theme of TANDA


Reporter: Mr. Song, would you please introduce the exhibition in detail?

Song Jiacheng: "5G + Smart Fire Fighting" is not only the theme of TANDA's exhibition area, but also the eternal theme of TANDA for a long time now and in the future.

With the theme of "Smart Fire Fighting and Technological Rescue", this exhibition focused on the development of smart fire protection industry. TANDA has been deeply involved in the fire protection industry for more than ten years, with deep R&D and technology accumulation, while integrating cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, 5G and artificial intelligence, and the industrial layout of traditional fire protection electronics, smart fire protection and industrial things In the field of networked security, we exhibited multiple series of new products with a full ecological layout of fire protection and full-scene applications. Exhibits in the exhibition area include product technologies such as fire alarm and fire protection integrated systems, smart fire protection system solutions and smart fire cloud platform, industrial Internet + safety production supervision platform and international business export system products. Our new fire alarm controller and automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system also debuted at the exhibition.



The product line layout of the integrated fire protection system is further improved


Reporter: You are referring to the integrated system of fire alarm and fire protection. Can you talk about it in detail?

Song Jiacheng: The integrated system of fire alarm and fire protection is the cornerstone of building fire protection. We focus on the whole process of fire early warning, fire alarm, emergency evacuation, fire fighting treatment, and smart rescue, and comprehensively demonstrate the different series of new products of TANDA for fire rescue application scenarios of different stages. At the same time, the brand-new fire alarm controller, the new Anyi evacuation series products meet the market demand, and the brand-new automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing system debuted for the first time, further improving the product line layout of the TANDA integrated fire protection system.

Reporter: What are the differences between the fire alarm and fire protection integrated system and traditional fire protection products?

Song Jiacheng: In today's society, "mass deaths and injuries" caused by fires frequently occur in school education institutions, medical and health institutions, elderly care institutions, nine small places, and high-rise buildings, which have seriously affected the safety of people's lives and property.

Traditional fire protection products have certain shortcomings in supervision and maintenance. Making supervision online in real time and making fire safety online in real time is the ideal goal for the development of fire fighting technology. At the booth, based on the fire-fighting Internet of Things technology, using Internet of Things technology such as "sensing, transmitting, knowing, and using", TANDA exhibited a full range of "smoke, gas, water, electricity, and Internet" intelligent terminal devices that can be connected to the Internet. With the smart fire-fighting cloud service platform, it realizes 24-hour online monitoring of equipment status through the large screen of the cloud platform, and provides a complete set of smart fire-fighting system solutions for nine small places, parks, key units, ancient buildings and other places.

On the basis of model innovation and based on the development concept that everything can be clouded, TANDA is actively deploying the comprehensive application of fire-fighting Internet of Things technology in various industries. TANDA Smart Fire Fighting Solution is committed to creating an all-round, non-dead corner urban safety prevention and control basic network, comprehensively using the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other new-generation information technologies to improve schools, hospitals, nursing homes, nine small places, etc. The fire-fighting early warning capability of the scene can eliminate the hidden fire hazard in time and prevent it from "burning".



Smart firefighting "Huozhiyan" cloud service platform is the core product


Reporter: Could you please introduce your core product-Smart Fire "Huozhiyan" cloud service platform.

Song Jiacheng: Smart firefighting "Huozhiyan" platform adopts Internet of Things technology means such as "sensing, transmitting, knowing and using", comprehensively using wireless sensing, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, through the Internet, wireless communication network and other communication networks , Intelligently perceive, identify, locate, and alarm the status of firefighting facilities, equipment, personnel, etc., to achieve real-time, dynamic, interactive, and integrated firefighting information collection, transmission and processing. Through information processing, data mining and situation analysis, provide information support for supervision and management and fire fighting and rescue. The platform receives the on-site alarm information, and within 10 seconds, the alarm information can be notified to the client and management end in three ways: voice, SMS, and APP, so as to remind the relevant responsible personnel to deal with it.



Innovating the smart fire service model of TANDA


Reporter: We have learned that in the past ten years, TANDA has gradually expanded its business from traditional fire protection electronics to the full ecological scene of fire protection. Can you talk about it in detail?

Song Jiacheng: On the basis of consolidating the competitive advantages of the traditional fire protection business market, TANDA closely focused on the development trend of national smart fire protection, independently developed a complete set of full-scenario smart fire protection solutions integrating cloud platform and smart hardware, and innovated a smart fire service model that took effect at the grassroots level of streets, towns and villages has been developed, and good results have been achieved.

TANDA smart fire service model integrates "investment, construction, operation, and service", and combines "online order + offline service" to provide users with hidden danger investigation and evaluation, plan design, installation and implementation, and subsequent operation and maintenance. The whole-process service of the company has created an “Internet + fire protection” one-stop fire protection service comprehensive platform, which enables the timely investigation and disposal of fire hazards, comprehensively builds a service system for the prevention and control of fire hazards in towns and townships, and achieves a significant improvement in regional safety.

This model puts fire hazards in advance, consolidates the basis for safety management, changes the passive situation of "small fires and frequent fires" in towns and streets, and reduces the pressure on social governance and fire rescue at the grassroots level. Established a safety prevention and control network with no dead ends and full coverage, changed the passive situation of many factories and nine small places where "buildings are not fortified, safety is unattended, and responsibilities are chased down", and a a new model of control and governance has been explored.

For example, in response to the safety production needs of hazardous chemical enterprises, we have explored the establishment of an intelligent production safety supervision platform to realize effective supervision of production safety in high-risk industries and prevent and reduce the occurrence of major production safety accidents.



Construct a three-dimensional fire prevention and control system for the smart fire protection industry


Reporter: Mr. Song, what do you think are the ideas and methods for the future development of the smart fire protection industry?

Song Jiacheng: The theme of this exhibition is "Smart Fire Fighting, Technological Rescue", which aims to focus on the development of smart fire protection industry. As a leading company in the field of smart fire protection in China, TANDA must actively build a three-dimensional fire prevention and control system for the smart fire protection industry, and further "make a position by doing something."

In recent years, experts and leaders from the Chinese Society of Emergency Management, China Academy of Building Research and other departments have visited the headquarters of TANDA for investigation and research, fully affirming the innovation of the smart fire protection model, and giving guidance on the promotion and development of the model. On this basis,TANDA successively participated in the China Fire Internet of Things Conference, the 2nd Smart Fire Fighting Summit Forum, CFIC2021 China Fire Safety Industry Conference, etc., in-depth exchanges with industry experts and related companies on smart fire protection landing models, and looking forward to the development prospects of the industry, widely recognized by participating industry experts, leaders and enterprises.

While developing domestic business,TANDA is also actively deploying overseas markets. Its products sell well in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions, and its products and services are widely recognized by international customers. This exhibition also set up a broad platform for TANDA to communicate with customers and industry insiders.

People are supreme and life is supreme. TANDA will take this exhibition as an opportunity to actively explore business model innovation, promote the implementation and effectiveness of smart fire protection, use technology to escort life and property, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. Let the world be free from fire and make society safer.


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