Things You Should Know About Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

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A fire alarm system comes with a conventional fire alarm panel, which is the brain of the system.

The conventional fire alarm panel acts as a control center between the part of the fire alarm system that receives signals during hazardous situations and the part that alerts people about the fire hazard.

Taking your time to know better about conventional fire alarm panels is worthwhile.

Thus, in this article, we will educate you on everything you should know about the conventional fire alarm panel.

Working Principle of a Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

The conventional fire alarm panel is the user interface and central monitoring and controlling element of the system. It has a touchpad and a display revealing the current state (alarm or no alarm) of the fire alarm system, which allows onsite personnel to program, silence, troubleshoot, and reset the fire alarm system.

As the control center of the fire alarm system, the conventional fire alarm panel receives signals from manual pull stations and smoke detectors, which are parts of the fire alarm system that are sensitive to fire hazards.

Upon receiving the signal, the fire alarm panel processes it through a series of events. If the signal is significant, the fire alarm panel sends processed information to the alarm bell which gives out both audible and visible alarms to indicate the presence of danger.

Thus, the fire alarm panel has a similar function to the human brain.

Does Your Building Need a Conventional Fire Alarm Panel?

If you own a company, a business office, a mercantile structure, or a residential building, your building needs a conventional fire alarm system for safety.

Although the determination of whether a facility needs a fire alarm panel or not is done by the Ontario building code, any apartment with above 150 occupants needs a conventional fire alarm panel.

Nevertheless, you may not need conventional fire alarm panels in a residential building with up to four public corridors and an exit.

Can You Install a Fire Alarm Panel by Yourself?

Yes, you can install a conventional fire alarm panel by yourself provided that you're an electrician certified by the Trades and Qualification Act.

Occupational Health and Safety Act together with construction project regulations stipulates that conventional fire alarm panels should be installed and repaired by personnel qualified to perform electrical works.

Thus, if you're not a qualified electrician, you had better hire an electrician to install or repair your conventional fire alarm panel than do it yourself.

Does a Conventional Fire Alarm Panel Need Maintenance?

Yes, the fire alarm panel needs regular maintenance to keep working. It is advisable to inspect your fire alarm panel at least once a year to ensure it's in a good condition.

Maintenance of your fire alarm system should be done by a qualified electrician. Any attempt to do it yourself may result in faults.

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