How To Care For Conventional Fire Alarm System

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Do know how well and effectively the conventional fire alarm system works in your building? If this question sounds funny then you nearly keep a check on your fire alarm system.

Do you know fire alarms degrade over time? It's not a permanent entity created so it depreciates over time. Vandalism, dirt and dust are very bad activities for the effectiveness of this system.

During the course of remodeling a facility, several debris and accidents may collide with this system thus making room for spoilage. A constant check on your device will account for an effective system.

This system is installed on buildings in order that individuals be informed of any rough situation. If this device is not properly cared for, no safety will be assured.

TXC3150 Conventional Manual Call Point

Precautions to take in maintaining your fire alarm system

Below are some top precautionary or maintenance strategies to adopt in ensuring that your conventional fire alarm system continues to function in the right way all year round.

  • Make a daily routine of checking up on the system to ensure everything is working right. Make sure you account for your checks daily.
  • Ensure to test at least one detector call point per week. Also, do well to check the flame and smoke detectors weekly. You must also calibrate your alarm sensors.
  • Make sure to check more than one zone weekly if your system consists of more than thirteen zones.
  • Do a weekly check on the fire doors. Make sure to check for any disconnections of the sound or the transmission signals.
  • Make sure to prepare a report of failures in the system and give it to the appropriate personnel to repair.
  • Quarterly a year, make sure to examine the batteries and connections. Make sure to replace the damaged battery.
  • Ensure that there are no obstructions around the detector every four months.
  • Endeavor that an individual worth character check and review the system on an annual basis. Do not mind if you have checked it quarterly, make sure to check it annually.
  • Make sure to do an annual check of cable fittings and equipment. Do a confirmation that the cables are very protected, secure, and not damaged.
  • Make sure to obtain a certification of testing. When it is determined that the above instructions have been practiced, and if corrections have been appropriately made, you should obtain the certificate.

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