Recent Analysis On Domestic Fires And The Need For An Advanced Alarm System

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In the last 40 years, though the number of household fire disasters reduced by up to 50%, the ensuing cost of damage has nearly doubled. According to an NFPA report in 2020, an average of 358,000 homes experience a structural fire each year, while the Stanford Children's Hospital reported that at least one child dies from a fire inside the home EVERYDAY!

Domestic fire outbreaks and disasters are caused by many factors. While some of these factors can be blamed on the victims, others can be traced to an electrical malfunction of some sort. According to a FEMA report, the top three (3) causes of fire accidents in homes are cooking, heating equipment and electrical malfunction; thereby establishing the need for every home to have a fully installed and functional up-to-date fire alarm system for the prevention, management and control of fire accidents that may occur in the home.

A Fire Alarm System warns people in the event of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other fire-related emergencies being detected. These alarms may be automatically activated from smoke and heat detectors, or via manual fire alarm activation devices such as manual call points or pull stations.

fire alarm system

Some newer models, like the Wireless Mini Fire Alarm Control Panel, are highly effective in the management and control of domestic fire incidents because of the exciting, easy-to-use and smart features they possess. This elite piece of technology is designed for all-round fire security, management and control of fire alarm devices. The usage of radio communication between the control panel and the fire detectors makes it suitable for use in spaces where laid cables are not desired. It adopts a modular design, and has the characteristics of strong function, high reliability and very flexible configuration. Its system uses a 320x240 dot Chinese-character, liquid-crystal display, and an all-Chinese character prompt interface. The maximum capacity is 32 front-end site points.

Some of its basic functional characteristics include:

  • setting up of the operating modes and parameters of the fire detectors, communication controllers and outputs through built-in keys.
  • control/signal for removed fire detectors from base.
  • battery status
  • control over the level of radio signal of the devices.
  • option for changing the parameters of the fire and smoke detectors.
  • non-volatile archive memory, saving up to hundreds of events, together with the time they occurred and what type of events they were.
  • user-friendly test modes for all the system components, providing total control over the condition of the protected premises.
  • test and choice of the multiple radio channels to establish best radio connection.
  • automatic restoration to default settings after the reason that caused a fault has been identified and removed.
  • built-in serial interface, for connecting with a personal computer and/or other external devices.
  • compatible to multiple design and installation patterns, all within the range of the control panel's resources.Wireless Mini Fire Alarm Control Panel

The technical data of the equipment is equally as thrilling, as it maintains a frequency of up to 433MHz and has a multiple number of devices included in the network. Boasting multiple routers included in the network and also multiple number of the devices that can connect directly to the control panel, it also connects at least five (5) different fire detectors to its router and retransmits more than a single message. It possesses two durable lead/gel electrolyte-type batteries and has a simple serial connection mode.

Domestic fire disasters are unpredictable and with the cost of fire-related damages in the home on a continuous rise, one cannot be too enthusiastic about having a proven, fully-installed fire alarm system to effectively manage fire accidents if, and when they arise in the home. And as a tested and trusted brand name in the supply of high-quality, premium, state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, we would like you to reach out to us via our website if you would like your home fully installed with one of these amazing products.

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