How Wireless Fire Alarm Works

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The wireless fire alarm is an ideal system that requires quick installation because this fire alarm doesn't require cables installed between the device and the panel.

Working with a wireless fire alarm is stress-free because the wall won't be hammered to clip cables and the decorations in the building won't be shattered during the installation process.


Detection of fire using wireless fire alarms

At our company, we ensure that we prevent any crucial fire outbreaks for your customer's safety, employee safety, your revenues, and your income by ensuring we manufacture the best fire alarm system that detects fire from a very wide range which includes fire alarm detectors, fire extinguishers, and safety sign.

It is very important to know how to prevent fire outbreaks and it is very crucial you have wireless fire alarm equipment installed in your houses, we offer a different range of fire alarms for different businesses for both large and small businesses. Business does profit a lot from having the fire alarm on their premises because it helps monitor the fire spread, cost-effectiveness, and installation cost is low.

The fire alarm system should be useful for schools, working busy environments, shops, malls, and also large gathering environments because it was very cheap and easy to install.

The wireless fire alarm

How does a fire alarm work

Most of the fire alarm produced usually use cable but wireless fire alarm system doesn’t use it. Instead, they use a radio signal to transmit information from the call point or the detecting point to the control panel. The fire location can be easily identified because each of the detectors has a unique address, so the sound triggers with an alarm when the fire is detected and your staff will evacuate.

No one needs any special training to use or operate the wireless fire alarm they also work just like the wired one. In case you see a fire you can break the call point and the alarm sounds, the workers evacuate, and after the fire goes off the alarm will stop.


Benefits of wireless fire alarms

  • It is very quick and easy to install
  • The disruption rate to your businesses is minimal
  • Operates without battery in case there is power outage for a while
  • Wall outlet not required
  • Prevent too many cables passing off the walls and the floors
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • It can be used on a temporary site
  • They are reliable, each of the radio signals had been tested accurately before being sold out
  • You can easily modify the wireless fire alarms when you change the layout if your building.

The wireless fire alarm

Partner with us for standard wireless fire alarms

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