Where To Apply A Gas Extinguishing System

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Anybody that encountered a fire outbreak will never wish to have same experience again. This is why it is essential to put in place measures that will prevent such occurrences at any time.

A gas extinguishing system is a system that extinguishes fire by the exchange of gaseous agents through heat extraction or oxygen displacement. Contrary to other systems, it does not suppress the fire, it quenches it.

Read on as we take you through where the application of this system is very essential. You will gain enough knowledge that will enable you to make an informed decision. Meanwhile, it is advisable to source a quality gas extinguishing system from a reputable manufacturer.


 gas extinguishing system

Why is Gas Extinguishing System Very Important?

Some fire outbreaks can defile the quenching power of powder, water, or foam extinguishing systems. Some can even cause colossal damage if you try to use the above extinguishing systems to quench the fire. This is where this gas extinction system is very important.

It is suitable for quenching fire in areas like server rooms and electrical switch rooms where water can cause electric shock.

Moreover, it is the cleanest form of extinguishing system. The gas does not affect electric components. The system can use a wide range of gases based on the area of application.


Where Gas Extinguishing Systems Are Suitable For Use

There are key areas that you must not use anyhow extinguisher. It is very essential to use this fire quenching system in the following areas:


1. Computer Room and IT Systems

Computer rooms and IT systems are an environment that can result in huge financial and technical damage if computers are destroyed during a fire outbreak. Bearing in mind that computers are electronics that function with the aid of electricity, it is essential to use a gas extinguisher system to prevent damage to the systems.


2. Industrial Facilities

When we talk about industrial facilities, we are talking about control rooms. Laboratories, robotic equipment, and offshore drilling setups. It is essential to avoid other extinguishing systems. It can result in great damage to the whole industrial facility.


3. Central Stations

Central stations such as microwave substations, control and flight navigation towers, radio and television control rooms, and emergency call centers are areas where fire outbreaks can affect the transmission of signals if not well-handled. Ensure to use the gas extinguisher system in the areas instead of using other systems.


4. Medical Sector

The medical sector requires activities that must not introduce contaminants to the environment. Places like operating room. An imaging system and mobile stations are very crucial. The best way to reduce the risk of contamination of the equipment is by using this fire quenching system.


5. Other Key Areas

At a glance, places that gas extinguishing systems are very suitable are document safes, archives, museums, libraries, art galleries, and film projector centers. Others are battery compartments, flight simulators, cable compartments, and power generators.


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