What Is A Intelligent Fire Fighting System?

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Fire has always been an unavoidable natural disaster in our lives. In most cases, it is difficult to escape. Especially with the increase of high-rise and super high-rise buildings and the rapid expansion of the scale of crowds such as shopping malls and supermarkets, the importance of fire safety is becoming more and more prominent. With the development and maturity of intelligent building technology, more and more new buildings adopt intelligent fire protection systems. So what is a intelligent fire fighting system? This article will introduce to you what is a intelligent fire protection system, the main functions of the intelligent fire protection system and the development prospects of the intelligent fire protection system, let's take a look.

What is a intelligent fire fighting system

The intelligent fire fighting system has the function of automatic alarm at the initial stage of fire, and the alarm in the fire center is attached with a telephone directly leading to the fire department, automatic fire extinguishing control cabinet, fire alarm broadcasting system, etc. In case of a fire, the intelligent fire fighting system can immediately send out an alarm signal on the fire alarm in the area, and at the same time send out an alarm signal on the alarm device of the fire center, and display the location or area code of the fire. The management personnel will immediately activate the fire alarm upon receiving the alarm,broadcast, organize personnel to evacuate safely and start fire elevators; alarm linkage signals drive automatic fire extinguishing control cabinets to work, close fire doors and automatically spray water or extinguishing agent in the fire area to extinguish the fire; activate fire pumps and automatic smoke exhaust devices.

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The importance of intelligent fire protection in buildings

Because there is no fire alarm system in the commercial houses, villas, or private houses we live in. After a fire occurs, it is difficult to detect the fire in time, and the chance of extinguishing the fire or escaping from the scene becomes smaller. According to statistics from relevant departments on the place where the fire occurred and where the fire died, 40% of fires occurred in residential buildings, and 70% of fire deaths occurred in residential buildings. In developed countries, there are regulations that fire alarm systems need to be installed wherever there are people entering and exiting. Therefore, the importance of automatic fire alarm and intelligent fire protection system in buildings is self-evident.

Intelligent fire protection brings industry development opportunities

The core of the first step of intelligent firefighting work is to establish a firefighting Internet of Things management center. By deploying wireless sensing devices, it constitutes the basic unit of urban firefighting Internet of Things, laying the foundation for the data and information required for intelligent firefighting.

Nowadays, many regions have begun to provide standardized data interfaces to collect and integrate information data from the detachment information system and related departments, and to centrally display and integrate these system data to achieve information sharing. A new pattern of comprehensive, full-staff, and full-process application of informatization has been formed.

intelligent fire protection will bring a wave of industrial development to fire protection and is a historic opportunity in the development of the fire protection industry. As an important part of the construction of smart cities, the Internet of Things for intelligent Fire Fighting has broad room for development.

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