Three Major Types Of Intelligent Fire Alarm Detector

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According to the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005, the fire alarm system is mandatory to be installed for the safety of lives and properties. This Order mentioned earlier was made mandatory in all buildings especially buildings of non domestic affairs such as hotels, the office, event centers, and even new buildings.

Adequate assessment for fire free occurances should be carried out and instituted by owners of buildings, employers, and even occupants of an apartment which is lawful.

Measures like installing a fire detector alarm should be put in place to maintain safety and minimize the occurances of casualties like injuries, loss of lives,  and properties.

All enquires of the fire system can be maintained by obtaining the code of practice BS:5839. There is a very wild rang of conventional fire alarm structure and also non digital intelligence structure.

However, each types of fire alarm system is unique to an environment and it buildings. The aim for installing this gadget is also a determinant of the categories readily available in the market system.

For this reason preference of lives or properties would determine the kind of intelligent fire alarm detector to install in a building.

intelligent fire alarm detector 

Conventional fire alarm systems

This is a type of fire alarm system that is adopted in buildings of small structures such as restaurant, and even shops.  This is also called the FOUR-WIRE alarm system. It has been adopted for use in small structural buildings for many years now.

This system functions by sectioning the desired building into what is know as the "detection zones". Detectors and call points should be strategically installed in all zones which is adequately wired on specified circuits channelling to the control panel.

A range of intelligent fire alarm detector could be stationed in one zone. It should rang from an independent two core, a fire guilder for individual fire sound producer, or an installment of bell due to separate wiring.  This system is also very economical to adopt.

After installment and activation, the control system acknowledgedes the triggered gadget contained in the circuit and identifies the zone from which the alarm has started.


Wireless fire alarm systems

The wireless fire alarm system ensure protection just as a regular wired system would. It ranges from wireless, to being powered by batteries, and even radio connected.

This system is of an advantage over the wired system. This is so because places like grade listed properties that do not allow for wiring would adopt the use of the wireless system. This system is relatively expensive than the wired form of safety fire alarm. It is flexible and easy to install.

There are no cables between the detection devices and the control panel, which does away with the need for long-term cable tests. There is no need for cables testing which takes a long process. Since no cables are placed among detectors, the testing process would take not take place.

All wireless systems must abide by the EN52-24 establishment. Today's recent wireless productions are much more reliable than the ones originally created in the 1980s. A great level of signal strength is maintained due to a high multi frequency link.


Aspirating smoke detection systems

This system is highly sensitive and can recognize very little or intending fire very fast than all other forms of fire systems.  A fan is applied to draw air in a building through a channel of sampling pipes and holes.

Potential fire is detected through the air passed in a very high concentration that is detected and analyzed. This system is very expensive to install and maintain. It is very sensitive and can indicate the slightest sign of fire.

Intelligent Fire Alarm Detector

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