Things You Should Know About Accessories For Fire Alarm System

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You've probably once seen or heard a fire alarm system giving out an incessant notification sound and wondered how it works.

You might have thought that the fire alarm system is just a single massive device that functions on its own without necessarily having some component parts.

However, one of the most important things you need to know about a fire alarm system is that it is made up of component parts which are  the  accessories for fire alarm system.

Thus, in this article we will explore the important things you should know about the accessories  that form the Component parts of a fire alarm system.

accessories for fire alarm system

Fire Alarm Systems in Three Stages

As previously stated, the fire alarm panel constantly monitors and indicates the status of the system. Normal, Alarm, and Trouble are the three states of operation for most systems.


The Normal State

The system is in a Normal State when all devices, appliances, wiring, and circuits are working properly and no alarms are triggered.


The Alarm State

The system enters an Alarm State when an initiating device is engaged. The signaling appliances will sound, alerting building residents to the danger.

Also, the alphanumeric display on the control panel will show which zone of the building(s) the alarm is coming from, allowing emergency workers to come swiftly to the correct location.


The Trouble State

The system enters Trouble State and is displayed on the control panel if a short or open wire develops in the circuits linking the fire alarm panel and initiating devices, or within the panel's wiring or zone cards, or if the system's phone line connection is not operating.

A buzzer will sound to alert maintenance people to the problem, and the panel will identify which zone the issue is in.

The buzzer is loud enough to be heard, but it isn't as loud as the indicating appliances, so it won't be mistaken for a true alarm.


What Are the Different Ways Fire Alarm Systems Detect a Fire?

The system's starting devices are connected to the fire alarm panel through 2- or 4-wire circuits.

This circuitry enables the control panel to track the status of its initiating devices, usually by zones, and determine whether they are in normal or alarm mode. These readings are displayed on the control panel's display panel.

When a fire breaks out, smoke or heat will activate one of the starting devices, or someone will pull the manual pull station, notifying the fire alarm system and putting it into alarm mode.


When the fire alarm system is activated, what happens next?

Two things should happen once the system enters alarm mode:

  • The alarm should be sounded, alerting everyone in the building to the risk.
  • The monitoring company should be contacted via the system's telephone lines.

It may also activate fire suppression devices in some fire alarm systems to assist fight the fire until emergency personnel arrive.

Accessories For Fire Alarm System

What is the procedure for disarming a fire alarm?

It is critical that the building manager or maintenance team learn how to read and operate the fire alarm panel, particularly if it is malfunctioning or emitting false alerts.

Alarm and trouble silent choices, as well as a system reset option, are available on the control panel's touch pad.


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