TANDA - successfully passed the international ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and LPCB product certification for supervision and audit

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From 26th to 29th September, 2017, the audit team of BRE Global Limited came to The Shenzhen headquarters of TANDA Technology Group to supervise and review the international ISO9001:2015 quality Management System certification and LPCB product certification applied by TANDA. After four days of intensive and orderly on-site evidence collection and written review, BRE ISO9001:2015 quality Management System certification and product supervision and audit have been successfully passed.

This system certification is conducted in accordance with pN111.15-Factory Production Control (Production Control requirements of the Factory), PN218.1 EN54 EC FPC (Production Control requirements of qualified EC products meeting EN54 standard), and international ISO9001:2015 quality management system standards.In the process of certification, auditing experts from the management responsibility, control risk and opportunity, internal and external audit regulations, customer service, human resources, design and development process, raw material procurement control, production services, process quality management, quality control, equipment management, use of symbol to evaluation and audit the quality managerment ability of TANDA

Mr. See Wei Hew, who conducted the system certification audit, is one of the few audit experts in the world. He said that among a large number of enterprises in the world that he presided over the audit, TANDA has the highest compliance with iso9001:2015 quality management system standards and the most comprehensive system management in all aspects.He highly praised the quality management work of TANDA Company, and said that its quality management ability has become excellent.


The successful passing of BRE quality management system certification is another step forward for TANDA on its way to the international market.As the industry's first online firefighting integrated products and solutions provider, we shoulder the mission of "CREATING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT WITHOUT FIRE DIASSTER, we must do our best to provide customers with the best quality, the most reliable products and services!


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