TANDA Development Shines at the 2023 Building Safety Solution Exhibition

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The 2023 Building Safety Solution exhibition took place from July 12th to 14th at the prestigious Shanghai World Expo Center. Among the prominent exhibitors was TANDA Development Pte. Ltd, a world-class provider of commercial fire alarm system solutions and services. With their booth B003 located in Hall 2, TANDA showcased their extensive range of products and demonstrated their commitment to excellence in the industry.

Enterprise Introduction:

TANDA Development Pte. Ltd has established itself as a leading player in the field of fire safety solutions. Their expertise spans research and development, manufacturing, marketing OEM/ODM products, and providing exceptional after-sales service. With a global sales network, TANDA is renowned for its prompt and efficient support to clients worldwide.

Global Presence and Comprehensive Services:

TANDA's global presence is further strengthened by branch offices strategically located in key regions such as the UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Mainland China. These offices, along with over 100 service outlets, enable TANDA to deliver a comprehensive range of fire protection products and services, ensuring client satisfaction on a global scale.

Highlighting the Exhibition Booth:

TANDA's exhibition booth, located in Hall 2 of the Shanghai World Expo Center, exuded an air of grandeur and. Visitors were captivated by the impressive display of their diverse and complete product lineup. From cutting-edge fire alarm systems to advanced safety equipment, TANDA left no stone unturned in showcasing their commitment to building safety.

Unprecedented Footfall and Enthusiasm:

Throughout the exhibition, TANDA's booth witnessed a steady stream of visitors who were eager to explore their offerings. The combination of TANDA's reputation for quality and the allure of their well-designed booth attracted a constant flow of industry professionals, potential clients, and curious onlookers. The overwhelming response reflected the trust and recognition that TANDA has garnered in the field.


The 2023 Building Safety Solution exhibition proved to be a resounding success for TANDA Development Pte. Ltd. Their impressive booth, extensive product range, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction left a lasting impression on attendees. As TANDA continues to expand its global presence and deliver innovative fire safety solutions, their participation in such exhibitions serves as a testament to their dedication to building a safer world.


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