OCTF 2023 Intelligent Technology: An Exhibition of the Latest Fire Alarm Solutions by TANDA

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TANDA Development Pte. Ltd, a leading provider of fire alarm solutions and services, is gearing up to showcase its latest offerings at the upcoming OCTF 2023 Intelligent Technology exhibition. With a strong presence across the globe, TANDA is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and cost-effective fire protection solutions to customers. As one of the exhibitors at the event, TANDA aims to highlight its extensive range of fire detection and control systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries.

What to Expect at the Exhibition:

At Stand No.:3C19/3C20, visitors can expect to see TANDA's comprehensive range of fire alarm systems, which include detectors, modules, and control panels. These products are manufactured in TANDA's production bases in Singapore and Mainland China, using state-of-the-art technology and automated SMT product lines. With an annual production capacity of 20 million detectors and modules, and 50 thousand control panels, TANDA has the capability to meet large-scale demands of its clients.

The event will provide an opportunity for visitors to learn about TANDA's innovative products, which are in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and have obtained LPCB and CE certificates. The company's team of experts will be on hand to offer valuable insights into the latest industry trends and best practices in fire protection.

Why Visit TANDA's Stand?

Visitors to TANDA's stand will have the chance to experience firsthand the latest fire alarm solutions that the company has to offer. Moreover, they will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of TANDA's team of professionals who will provide valuable guidance on the most suitable fire protection solutions for their businesses. TANDA's comprehensive fire system solutions provide customers with a one-stop service, from product design and development to installation, testing, and after-sales support.


The OCTF 2023 Intelligent Technology exhibition is an ideal platform for TANDA to showcase its latest fire alarm systems that are designed to meet the evolving needs of various industries. Visitors can expect to see some of the most innovative products in the industry and interact with TANDA's team of experts who will offer valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices. If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective fire protection solutions, make sure to visit TANDA's stand at the exhibition.


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