How to Install An Emergency Start Stop Call Point in your Building

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Emergency start-stop call points are safety devices used to start or stop emergencies in any setting. Call points are available in many public buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, and government buildings.

However, they are commonly used in industrial buildings to prevent any form of occupational hazards like a fire that could result from workers' mistakes or errors.

In many modern public buildings, Emergency start-stop call points are identified by their labels or colors and consist of a push button or switch, which, when activated, sends a signal to a central control system.

This signal is used to trigger alarms, shut down machinery, or initiate other safety procedures. In this article, we'll discuss how to install an emergency start-stop call point in your building.

What is an emergency start-stop call point?

An emergency start-stop call point call is a fire alarm device mounted in an easily identifiable spot for emergency purposes. It is commonly used to control alarms in the event of a fire outbreak in buildings. An emergency start-stop call point is an important safety measure in any environment where there is a risk of injury or harm to personnel.

How to install An Emergency Start Stop Call Point in your building

Installing an emergency start-stop call point depends on several factors such as the type of call point, the specific environment, and the requirements of any relevant regulations.


When installing your Emergency Start Stop Call Point, you should consider factors such as accessibility, visibility, and proximity to potential hazards. Additionally, ensure that you mount the device at a reachable height for anyone, including children, in case of an emergency.

Type of call point

Another thing you should consider when installing an emergency call point is the type of call point. Additionally, an ideal call point should be selected based on the environment and the type of emergency.


Emergency call points come with screws and wall plugs that allow the device to be easily mounted on the wall.  Ensure that the call point is securely fixed.


The next step is to wire the call point from the switch to the main control system. Just ensure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and correctly.


To guarantee that the call point is properly installed, you can test it to see if it works by activating the device or shutting it down. Also, ensure residents know you are running a test on the device to avoid panic.


Educate the residents living in your building on the uses and functions of call points to avoid any mistakes. Also, you can educate the residents on how to operate the call point in case of any emergencies.

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