Global Insights of the Intelligent Fire Alarm System Market: Market Size and Trends

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The intelligent fire alarm system market is growing due to increased awareness of fire protection systems and the benefits of enhanced technology for fire prevention.

According to Allied Market Research, in 2020, the global fire alarm and detection system market was valued at $60.51 billion. A $98.90 billion target projection in the market is expected by 2030 following an estimated CAGR of 5.0%.

What is an Intelligent Fire Alarm System?

An intelligent fire alarm system is a detection system that is designed to safeguard people in a building from fires and gas leaks.

The system provides continuous daily monitoring of building regions for fire and dangerous gases and issues early warnings so that appropriate mitigation measures can be done.

When carbon monoxide, smoke, fire, or other fire-related issues are discovered, a fire alarm and detection system alert people. Detectors and alarms are linked to the intelligent fire alarm system.

The detectors are the call points to discover the signal while the alarm system notifies the building's residents and sends a signal to the monitoring station, which can be on or off-site.

Global Intelligent Fire Alarm Market Size

The worldwide demand for fire alarm systems is growing in the energy industry, oil and gas industry, and automotive industries, among other industries.

The lucrative expansion of the fire alarm market is fueled by the rapidly rising construction industry, government and private sector investment in infrastructure, and the installation of detection systems and fire alarms in buildings, among other things.

The expansion of the fire alarm and detection system market is primarily driven by an increase in the rate of fire safety system deployment in educational establishments and a rise in public awareness of the importance of fire detection systems.

Effect of COVID-19 on the Fire Alarm System Market

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a substantial influence on the global fire alarm and detection system business. The production of electronics and semiconductors has been halted due to the recession and lack of manpower availability around the world.

The COVID-19 epidemic resulted in a large and long-term decline in manufacturing utilization, and travel bans and facility closures kept workers out of their factories, causing the fire alarm system market growth in 2020.

 Intelligent Fire Alarm system

Industry Trends Analysis

Many users want the most up-to-date technology, hence the integration of the fire alarm system with other building systems, such as security and mass notification systems, is gradually becoming one of the most effective ways for facility owners and managers to improve overall protection.

Most intelligent fire alarm system manufacturers enable the use of innovative technology to address end-use industry concerns. Rapid technological breakthroughs have elevated the concept of fire alarm detection beyond just being a protection device.

To improve and ensure warehouse maintenance and employees security, major firms such as Kidde KN-COSM-BA and First Alert are increasingly implementing fire alarm systems using optical technology and dual sensor technology.

As technological advancements reshape diverse industrial requirements, these firms are concentrating on designing fire alarm systems tailored to the operational working conditions of end-use sectors like high-rise security systems.

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