Frequently Asked Questions About Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels

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The protection of your company, industries from any accidental incident such as fire, that’s why fire alarms control panels, should be the first thing to be installed inside your building. The intelligent fire alarm control panels should be imperative kept under proper working order at all times to prevent unnecessary issues.

However, most of the organizations, industries staff, and employees are unclear on what exactly does the intelligence fire alarm control panels do and how it works.

At tnafirealarms we want our customers to know exactly what they are purchasing us their money and how the intelligent fire alarm control panels works, so we provided a list of frequently asked questions that you might need when considering which types of fire alarm control panels work for your company.

The frequently asked questions are listed below;

 intelligence fire alarm control panels

1. How long will the intelligent fire alarm control panels last in the organization

A fire alarm control panels last a minimum of 10-12 years if it’s properly maintained in the organization. Once the fire alarm control panels are getting older they should be replaced because the older it gets, the more problems it will run into and the cost of maintenance for the older fire alarm control panels is higher.

So, it is more beneficial to change or replace with a newer one and most technological companies had started making fire alarms that are more reliable and effective and it won't be nice if you get stuck with substandard fire alarm control panels that won’t keep you safe as possible.


2. What’s the difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms control panels?

The basic difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms control panels is the scale.

Addressable fire alarms control panels are needed for large building space and campuses, and they can be customized into different varieties which include:

  • Different devices threshold based on their location
  • An indicator panel in front of your building to indicate which of the zone is alarming
  • It is easy to add each zone network to it because it's scalable.

Conventional fire alarms control panels are usually installed inside small offices, retail shops, to detect smoke or heat individually and will go off as soon as the fire or heat is off, and it helps people to evacuate the building quickly whenever a fire incident occurs.

Although, conventional fire alarms control panels are more valuable than addressable because the information of the fire alarm is easily communicated to the firefighters and manager than the addressable ones but the addressable fire control panels are more expensive

 intelligence fire alarm control panels

3. What kinds of fire alarms control panels are designed?

They have the photoelectric one and the Ionizable one. The ionizable Fire alarms detect flaming, fast-moving fire, curtain fire, etc while the photoelectric fire alarms detect smoky, smoldering fire and also electrical fire alarms that sound behind walls, it is also a dual system detector That works for both systems.


4. Why do my fire alarms control panels beep or chip?

Your fire alarms might beep if t encountered the Following which includes;

  • Battery low or improper installation
  • The alarm needs to be reset or dirty
  • The fire alarm needs to be replaced


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