Common Accessories For Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire alarm helps in keeping people alert whenever there is a fire that breaks out in houses, companies, petrol stations, and manufacturing sectors, among others.

With various gadgets being used at home, in schools, petrol stations, among others there will always be a need for one to have a fire alarm.

In this article, I would like to take you through some accessories for a fire alarm system. Kindly go through this article for an insightful read.

Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems

What makes a fire alarm system whole are its common accessories. Listed below are some of the major accessories for fire alarm system

Fire Alarm Control Panel

This is the brain of the system. It receives information from a device known as input. Some of its basic functions are elevator recall, notifying the alarm monitoring center, and turning on notifications, among others.

Initiation Devices

The initiation device is sometimes referred to as an alarm panel. This alarm panel can either be non-addressable or addressable. An example of a non-addressable device is the water flow switch.

This switch can relate to the addressable systems. Some types of initiation devices are: pull stations, beam detectors, heat detectors, tamper switches, and air aspirating detectors, among others.

Smoke Detectors

The very first thing that comes out sometimes before a fire break is a smoke. Smoke detectors are well needed when you have beings that are allergic to smoke.

The smoke detector can be classified into two, these are;

Photoelectric detectors

This is the detector chamber, once the smoke molecule gets into it, it flies all around the beam light, once the detector detects the beam light the alarm turns off.

Ionization detectors

In between the electrically charged plates, there are some tiny traces of radioactive material.

Heat Detectors

These are fire detectors that come with sensors that respond to heat. The main kind of heat detectors are;

Fixed temperature heat detectors

This only responds when its operating elements are above the predetermined temperature level. Also, there are two types of fixed temperature heat detectors, which are: spot detectors and linear detectors.

Rate of rise heat detectors

This type only responds when the heat temperature increases once it exceeds a specified level.

681-001 Remote Indicator

Notification Devices

The notification device helps in sending a visual sound in the building where the fire alarm is for the occupants of such building to exceed the building whenever there is a fire outbreak.

Audible Devices

One of the major accessories in the fire alarm system is the audible device, without the audible device the fire alarm will not give a sound whenever there is a fire break out.

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