Categories, Pros, And Cons of Intelligent Fire Alarm System

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They are safety devices that are built to ensure the safety of an entire workstation or a building. It has high flexibility and accuracy in terms of operation. They are more refined as they give an accurate location of a particular event that is taking place. It is faster in operation than other alarm systems and therefore saves time.

Categories of fire alarm system

There are two basic categories of a fire alarm system;

  1. Automated fire alarm device

This type of fire alarm device is usually triggered in the presence of fire outbreaks. It comprises a sensor that enables it to sense a degree of heat and then convert it to sound energy.

  1. Manually operated fire alarm devices

This kind of fire alarm device is usually activated and operated via the use of a hand.

Usually, when there is a fire outbreak, the scientists in charge of the fire system physically switch on the alarm system for it to be activated.

Some common initiating(input) devices peculiar to a fire alarm system include;

Control modules. These modules are generally used for switching purposes which include; Pressure switches,  sprinkler water flow, conventional control panels, and tamper switches.

Examples of output devices in a fire alarm system include; notification control nodules, solenoid release, relay nodules(it performs tasks like switching fans(on/off), unlocking doors, activation of other fire alarm systems, recalling elevators, and closing damper.

fire alarm system

Pros of fire alarm system

  • It is time effective in locating fire incidence. It possesses rapid response when an alarm is being activated.
  • It reduces cases of false alarms: The issues of false alarm can be very annoying and frustrating as it wastes time. When the fire alarm system is been monitored regularly, it helps to save more time and energy.
  • A peaceful state of mind: There is nothing more that gives one peace than having someone on the lookout for you in cases of fire outbreaks.
  • It reduces the risk for employees: It ensures the safety of your employees. Even if there is an outbreak, it gives your employees time to evacuate the scene.
  • It ensures constant protection from fire: The fire alarm system functions 24 hours a day. This ensures constant safety.
  • It reduces disruption of business activities: It ensures the easy running of daily activities carried out at work without the interference of fire.
  • It does not contain any radioactive material. This guarantees its safe usage.
  • The wireless type of the fire alarm system is quite easy to install
  • The wireless type of fire alarm system is easy to modify
  • The wireless fire alarm system is capable of operating in the absence of electricity.

Cons of fire alarm system

  • It is costly to maintain
  • It is highly sensitive to insects and dust particles.
  • It requires a large amount of current to operate.
  • A wireless fire alarm system requires charged batteries to function. If the batteries are not charged properly, they will not function properly.

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Of course, the use of wireless technology is turning out to be ever-increasing in terms of popularity, offering varieties of options with great benefits.

So many advantages are attached to the use of a fire alarm system. Technological advancements have made wireless fire alarm systems as dependable as wired forms offering similar features.

So, in case you have any inquiries concerning fire alarms, or on the other hand, if you need to install fire alarms in your various homes or stations, feel free to contact us.


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