Basic Guide Of Gas Extinguisher System

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Scope and classification of gas fire extinguishing system

A fire extinguishing system that uses gas as a fire extinguishing medium is called a gas fire extinguishing system. The gas fire extinguishing agent has good chemical stability, storage resistance, low corrosiveness, non-conductivity, low toxicity, no trace after evaporation, and is suitable for fighting various types of fires.

Commonly used gas extinguishing media: carbon dioxide, halogenated alkanes 1301 and 1211,

and alternative gases, aerosols of halogenated alkanes.

gas extinguisher system

How a gas fire extinguishing system works

The fire extinguishing mechanism of halogenated alkane 1301 and 1211 fire extinguishing agents is mainly through the chemical catalysis and chemical purification of halogen hydrogen chemistry such as bromine and fluorine to capture and consume a large number of free radicals of the flame, inhibit the chain reaction of combustion, and quickly extinguish the flame. Therefore, it is very effective for extinguishing flaming combustion, requiring low concentration of extinguishing agent and fast extinguishing.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent mainly extinguishes fire through physical effects such as dilute oxygen concentration, suffocating combustion and cooling, and can also extinguish flaming combustion quickly, but the required concentration of fire extinguishing agent is high.


Principles of use of gas fire extinguishing systems

Whether a place with fire danger needs to be protected by a gas fire extinguishing system can be considered according to the following basic principles.

1. The site requires the use of "clean" fire extinguishing agents that do not contaminate the protected objects.

2. The place has electrical hazards and requires the use of non-conductive fire extinguishing agents.

3. The place has valuable equipment and items, and it is required to use a high-efficiency fire extinguishing agent that can quickly extinguish the fire.

4. It is not suitable or difficult to use other types of fire extinguishing agents in this place.

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Typical Locations Where Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems are Applicable

1. Large and medium-sized computer rooms;

2. Large and medium-sized communication room or microwave room of TV transmission tower;

3. Valuable equipment and goods room;

4. Collection of cultural relics;

5. Large and medium-sized libraries and archives;

6. Electrically dangerous places such as generator room, oil-immersed transformer room, substation, cable tunnel or cable interlayer.


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