Basic Classifications Of Gas Fire Extinguishing System And Their Uses

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There are numerous elements to put into consideration when choosing the most preferred gas fire extinguishing system for the workplace, general facility, or building.

Such as areas that comprise a wide proportion of electrical appliances, perishable commodities, or inhabited by some set of people are the factors that usually determine the type of gas fire extinguisher system to be utilized.

However, a gas fire extinguisher system is a constructed group of compartments that are built to incorporate or suppress fires by assigning an extinguishing agent.

Also, the system is designed to take proper action as a means of reducing possible damages and also to save lives before the fire earns an opportunity to develop and circulate all around.

The fire extinguishing system possesses in-built parts that help to discover fires at their first stage through smoke, heat, and other warning alarms.

These parts are connected to a system (alarm system) that will notify you immediately when it sensed the fire and stimulate action to extinguish the fire.

There are various classifications of gas fire extinguishing systems that provide numerous phases of protection. However, it is very important to know the ones that work adequately in various situations.

However, fire is a great threat to workers, productivity and heavy material assets. So, getting a gas fire extinguishing system from a reliable supplier will help to resist the threat of fire.

gas fire extinguishing system 

Classifications of Fire Extinguishing Systems

There are several types of fire extinguishing system that is used for security in different environments and applications. Below are some of the best gas fire extinguisher systems with their functions.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas fire extinguishing system.

A CO2 gas fire extinguishing system spreads a huge covering of gas which lessens the level of oxygen to the junction where an explosion can not happen.

A fire requires three components to kindle and burn: oxygen, fuel, and heat. If any of these components are eliminated, the fire would be suppressed.

The carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system removes oxygen to extinguish and suppress the fire.

The CO2 fire safety system is highly useful and ready for use in several techniques to extinguish a category of fire threats.

Water low-pressure mist extinguishing System

The water low-pressure extinguishing is a very useful suppressing system that makes use of air and water to produce water droplets.

The water droplets generate a fog that enclosed a huge surface area and suppress the fire. After discharge cleaning period is minor and substantial losses and damages are reduced.

The system effectively suppresses a fire quickly unlike the gaseous system. Even though there is insufficient ventilation present, the system is very effective.

gas fire extinguishing system

Inert Fire extinguishing system

This system is a gaseous breathable suppressing agent that consists of varieties of inert gases.

The commonest mixture contains Argon (40%), Carbon Dioxide (8%), and Nitrogen (52%).

However, an inert gas fire extinguishing system is capable of suppressing fires without resulting in any damage to properties, people and the environment.

This system is also constructed to discover smoke, suppress the fire, and expel the suppressing gas before any substantial harm might occur.

Do you need a high-quality gas fire extinguishing system?

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