It can transmit the information of the wireless front-end device to the fire alarm controller through the two-bus, and at the same time, the information of the wireless front-end device can be transmitted to the fire alarm controller. The fire alarm controller can also send reset, linkage and other control commands to the wireless front-end equipment, thus realizing the long-distance communication between the wireless front-end device and the fire alarm controller.

This product adopts new structure, convenient construction and installation, generous and beautiful appearance.

Feature and Benefit

• Two-bus, 24 V input non-polarity design.

• Bus end and wireless terminal isolation design.

• Built-in high-performance microprocessor.

• The wireless signal of front-end equipment is converted to controller bus signal.

• Single wireless detector as a front-end device point .

• Support for T7 bus protocol.

• Met the fire control master controller by bus signal reset wireless front-end equipment.

• Aesthetically pleasing design.

Technical Specification

Input Voltage Loop Power

24VDC [15V to 28V] External PSU: 24 VDC [15V to 28V]

Current Consumption Loop

Standby 2.5mA (Normal Power) External PSU: Standby 25mA Protocol/Addressing T7.

Value range

1 to 253

State indication

A green communication status:Flashing in normal communication Normal light in case of fire

A yellow fault status :Failure time constant light Capacity 50 points

Material / Colourb : 

ABS / Grey glossy finishing

Length / width / height Diameter

110.8 mm / 110.8mm/32.4mm
Weight  150 grams

Class Type A


Maximum communication distance 

300m( open area) Operating Temperature: -10°C to +42°C

Ingress Protection Rating 




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