TX3001M Home fire alarm controller adopts modular design, which has the characteristics of strong function, high reliability and flexible configuration.

The system uses 320x240 dot Chinese character liquid crystal display, all Chinese character prompt interface. The maximum capacity is 32 front-end site points.

TX3001M Home fire alarm controller can be with my company's production of TX3130, TX3131 point type household smoke fire detector connection, constitute the home fire safety system, is the best choice for civil construction fire Engineering. This installation instruction manual shall be the responsibility of the person, safe custody, in case of future inspection.

Technical Specification

Power source

AC power:Fixed working voltage~220V(187V~242V)

Backup power:3.7V 4400mAh Lithium Batteries


Working Environment


Related humidity:≤95%,non-condensing



Loop number:1 wireless loop and 1 total loop

Number of part in the Wireless loop: 16 points

Total number of parts in the total loop :16 points


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