Advantages and Principle of Action of Gas Extinguishing System

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The term "gaseous fire suppression" refers to the process of putting out a fire using chemical agents and inert gases. alternatively known as clean agent fire suppression

Although most Gas Suppression Systems are automatic, they can occasionally be manually engaged.

We need first to go over the function of the gas extinguishing system to comprehend how fire suppression systems do this.

We shall discuss the operation of gas extinguishing systems in more detail in this article.

Is it always necessary to provide fire protection with a gas suppression system?

Without a doubt. Water can cause more severe and long-lasting damage than fire in some locations, such as server systems, control system cabinets, marshaling cabinets, or close to fragile machinery.

The server's data in the server room is more expensive than the server itself. There would be an enormous loss if the system crashed or if data was destroyed or lost.

How does the gas suppression system function?

In secret chambers, gas suppression systems are typically used. The Gas Suppression System operates under the theory that when the Fire Triangle is broken, the fire is put out.

Numerous detectors have been set throughout the Gas Suppression System-protected chamber. Every detector continuously scans the space for signs of fire.

An alert is set off as soon as a fire is discovered, ordering all people out of the room. Then the gas is discharged into the enclosed space, such as Novec, Clean Agent, or Co2. As a result, the amount of oxygen in the space is quickly decreased to a level where fire cannot exist.

However, because of the gas, live things are unharmed. Such a mechanism prevents all the sensitive or important goods from being damaged by fire or water.

Principles used in gas suppression system

In gas suppression systems, two principles are typically applied:

The total flooding principle

The use of the gas suppression system is restricted to enclosed spaces or remote locations.

The local application principle

The Gas Suppression System is quickly and directly applied to the region where the fire is present. As opposed to the whole flooding theory, there are no physical obstructions.

Advantages of gas suppression system

  • The Gas Suppression System's key benefit is that it works quickly.
  • There is no scent or color to the gas utilized in gas suppression systems. Additionally, it respects nature.
  • Gas Suppression Systems are also very easy to maintain and take up less room.
  • It has no flavor of any kind.

Disadvantages of gas suppression system

Only a few drawbacks to such a system exist. It can only be used in enclosed spaces, and it is also relatively expensive.

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When other firefighting methods could result in water damage to electrical equipment, gas suppression is the best option.

To protect as much of the data as possible in the event of a fire, a server room that houses servers would benefit from installing a gas suppression system.

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